Kłodzka Szkoła Przedsiębiorczości w Kłodzku, Kłodzko

the School of Enterprise in Klodzko

Kłodzka Szkoła Przedsiębiorczości is an institution with a tradition, which has lasted for over 65 years. Its staff consists of teachers, who have high professional qualifications. The teaching staff is as numerous as over one hundred teachers. Among them there are young people full of ideas how to cooperate with the youth, as well as teachers with great experience concerning pedagogical work, who educated not only one generation of graduates. Moreover, a pedagogue and a psychologist also work at our school. Our students occupy high places in various competitions and contests concerning different subjects.

    We educate students in the following jobs:

– Technical College:

      1. an economist,
      2. a technician of hotel industry,
      3. a computer scientist,
      4. a technician of vehicles,
      5. a technician of tourist services,
      6. a technician of the environment protection,
      7. a technician of nutrition and food services.

– Basic Vocational School:

    1. a cook,
    2. a car mechanic,
    3. a multi-professional department.

Teachers of the „Kłodzka Szkoła Przedsiębiorczości” school conduct a wide range of extracurricular activities (after-lessons), that are realised either as a so called „19th hour”, or as a part of the project named „Modernizacja kształcenia zawodowego na Dolnym Śląsku II (The modernization of vocational education in the Lower Silesian region II). Each of them will propose you activities, which will develop your interests or will help you to complete information and abilities concerning any subject in which you have problems. A separate group of activities are the ones conducted by teachers of physical education. Girls and boys in KSP take part in basketball, volleyball, indoor football trainings. Under the watchful eye of a teacher students enjoy spending time in a gym, they play table tennis, darts and table football. The KSP school has its own team, that represents us in chess tournaments.
In our school one can try for an ECDL (European Computer Driving License). It certifies that its owner is able to realise properly, using a computer, basic tasks such as: editing texts, working with a spreadsheet or computer networks. The European Computer Driving License increases the possibility to find a job for a wide group of society and it is consistent in the whole Europe.
The percentage of passing the final (graduation) exams and an exam corroborating the professional qualifications is high, it is higher than results achieved by students in other schools in our county (district). Our students’ results are also higher than results obtained by the student in Lower Silesia (Dolny Śląsk) (it concerns technical schools and the basic vocational school).
Furthermore, a careers officer works in „Kłodzka Szkoła Przedsiębiorczości”. During her duty she helps students to choose further educational pathways and trends, she gives professional advice, indicates the educational possibilities in European Union countries. A careers officer also conducts group trainings, which activate, prepare students to plan their careers with awareness and finally to take up a job. Within professional advising there is also a „school bank of professional information” (Szkolny Bank Informacji Zawodowej) and there are „Days of Enterprise” (Dni Przedsiębiorczości) organized every year.
Students as well as teachers of „Kłodzka Szkoła Przedsiębiorczości” take part in the project “MODERNIZACJA KSZTAŁCENIA ZAWODOWEGO NA DOLNYM ŚLĄSKU II” (The modernization of vocational education in the Lower Silesian region II). This project has been realised in 2011-2014. The aim of this project is to raise the level of quality as well as attractiveness of a vocational/professional education among young people. The project assumes adjustment of the professional education for the needs of the local and regional labor market. Moreover, its aim is to equip the graduates of vocational schools in competences, that are required by employers. Tasks of the project, such as: trips connected with a given profession, trade fairs/forums, qualification courses, projects concerning certain professions, work practices/traineeships are being realized thanks to large and direct involvement of employers in the realization of this project at this area.

    Besides, students take part in:

– additional extracurricular and outside school lessons and activities oriented towards the development of key competences,
– additional didactic-compensatory lessons and activities,
– lessons concerning effective programs of educational-vocational advising,
– lessons concerning advising and psychological-pedagogical care,
– specialised didactic lessons in modern centres,
– practical lessons in specialised research-development centres as well as academic centres,
– other interesting activities.

    Our school –„Kłodzka Szkoła Przedsiębiorczości” possesses:

– 3 gyms,
– 9 computer labs,
– A library with a reading room,
– the „Myszka” („Mouse”) Cafe,
– modern classrooms and specialised workrooms with additional, new equipment and devices thanks to the project „Modernizacja kształcenia zawodowego na Dolnym Śląsku II (The modernization of vocational education in the Lower Silesian region II),
– An interactive classroom,
– A hall for table tennis and table football,
– A hall for weight training,
– An afterschool club (common room),
– Catering workshops with a canteen,
– A dormitory for girls.